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St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Reverend Angie Emerson


You may notice a slight accent and be moved to ask “You aren’t from around, here are you? And the answer is “No I’m from the Volunteer state – Tennessee!” I love Southeastern Conference Football and the Lady Vols! I also love hiking, road biking, exercising to stay in shape, and I’m learning to love my newly acquired Class B Motorhome! Look for it in front of the Church from time to time.

My early professional life was as a trial lawyer in Milledgeville, Georgia where I was in a small firm, in a small town, with a general practice. I can’t read a map or use or compass so having a real estate practice was out of the question. I love to talk and am very comfortable in front of groups so trial work was an easy fit.

I grew up in the Methodist Church and became an Episcopalian in my 30’s. I love the sense of connectedness to generations of saints who have prayed the same or very similar words, phrases, and thoughts, throughout the centuries. And I love the way the Church has adapted and continues to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions in the world and creates new Rites, prayers, and liturgies to worship and praise God. My favorite place of worship remains St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Milledgeville.

In 2003, after 26 years of practicing law, I retired, closed the office and moved to Austin Texas where I attended the Seminary of the Southwest. After graduating in 2006 I moved to Tucson Arizona where I served as Curate and Chaplain to the School (k-8) at St. Michael and All Angels. When the description for the newly created position of Minister of Stewardship and Development in the Diocese of Vermont came across in my desk in 2007, I knew I had to try. I have a passion for teaching and preaching about the spiritual discipline and spiritual practice of giving and tithing. I promise you will hear more about this!

Following my tenure at the Diocesan level I served as Interim Pastor at Union Church in Proctor, VT and then as Interim at St. John’s in Randolph VT. I find this a particularly interesting time to do Interim work. There is no going back to old ways. We are creating and will continue to create new ways of being the people of God under new and evolving conditions. It can be hard, confusing, and even discouraging at times. But we all can proclaim with certainty that God is at work in the world, always creating something new, and calling us to be a part of that new creation. I am excited to share the journey with you.

Peace and Grace to each of you,

Reverend Angie Emerson